This is a high production value DVD of what Andrew Rader does with smokers in a live session. Andrew has been treating smokers for 23 years and has over a 90% success rate in just one session. In the first part of the DVD you will learn everything you need to know regarding why you are still smoking and why it has been so hard to quit in the past. It isn’t what you have been told.

You will discover how your unconscious mind is still holding on to the idea that smoking is good for you and how hypnosis will be able to change that belief for good. You will learn how hypnosis works and what is expected of you so that you will be completely successful. The second part of the DVD is the actual hypnosis session.

You can use this DVD to easily and naturally quit smoking permanently, in less than one hour.

Once your mind sees smoking for what it really is – A THREAT TO YOUR SURVIVAL – it will drop it and never look back. In the same way that once Dorothy, in THE WIZARD OF OZ, discovered that the Wizard was just a little old man behind a curtain pulling levers – she could never be under the spell of the Wizard ever again.

You will never again be under the spell of cigarettes once your unconscious mind discovers the truth about them. You will not have any cravings or feel that you are missing something in the same way that you wouldn’t crave a glass of gasoline when you are thirsty. Your unconscious mind knows that gasoline is a poison so there is no desire for it. It will be the same for cigarettes once you have watched this DVD.

Do not hesitate. Do the single best thing you could do for yourself by deciding to quit today and order this DVD now.

Quit Smoking DVD

You can stop smoking forever with this DVD.