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How it Works: Quitting smoking in 1 Session

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Quitting Smoking…..It’s All In Your Mind

        Sometimes the common wisdom is just plain wrong And the truth is just that simple. Ask anyone who has quit smoking successfully and they will most likely say a variation of the same theme; they simply…

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The Problem With Smoking and the Addiction Model

Addiction is not a disease. Thankfully, we are hearing more and more that the current, yet troubling model of addiction is not holding up to the latest neuroscience discoveries. Forty years ago, the disease model was becoming more widely accepted…

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Honestly, What Had I Been Waiting For? Quitting Smoking Was Easy!

“Honestly, what had I been waiting for? Quitting smoking was simple. The secret, you see, is hidden in the phrase itself. You stop putting cigarettes in your mouth.”   Choire Sicha, NY Times columnist How could something that started out with the…

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Nicotine Addiction: A Meme to be questioned

The Truth About Nicotine and Smoking Andrew Rader, LAc, MS Here are  some things  to consider that may shake your belief  in the widely held meme that nicotine is addictive. 1. When  you look at truly addictive substances such as…

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